Best Portable Massage Chair

As I’ve gotten older I’ve certainly noticed that my back is aching more regularly. I feel tension and stress in my back muscles and I routinely feel stiffness in my lower lumbar. After seeing a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist and medical professional they all recommended one thing over and over; a good massage.

Massage is exceptionally good for back pain as Massage Therapy can provide substantial healing and pain relief for many lower back problems by applying pressure and or heat to the inflamed area. It’s specifically beneficial for pain caused by sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long or hunched over a computer screen for a lengthy period of time. When the correct muscle is targeted, the pain can be controlled at its source—for quicker and longer-lasting relief.  

One of the best ways to get a massage is through an at-home massage chair, we’ve reviewed these previously but these might not be suitable for you due to cost, space, or weight. Today we’re going to be reviewing the best portable massage chairs which are generally a cheaper and lightweight version of the massage armchair.

Portable Massage Chairs come with a host of unique features, functions, and designs and it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed when looking at the different choices and trying to decide which one is best for you and your specific needs. They usually have multiple massaging modes, functions, and features plus some recline fully while some don’t recline at all. We’ll go through each of the 4 portable massage chairs that we have chosen to review and discuss the positives and negatives for you so you can save yourself from becoming overwhelmed. We’ve also reviewed these so you can make an informed choice on which of our massage chairs is best for you. Let’s take a look at the portable massage chairs that are on offer at the moment that will hopefully give you a massage that’s as close to a professional massage as possible.

Just to be clear, we are discussing portable massage chairs in this review today; chairs that can be easy to move around and give you a massage, not to be confused with portable folding massage chairs (these are for someone else to give you a massage. You might have seen one at a market or pop-up stall with someone offering to give you a mobile massage for a small price). 

Benefits of Massage Chairs

There are lots of benefits to using massage chairs. Below we have listed the best and main reasons why you should consider buying a massage chair.

Reduce Pain

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain and or shoulder pain; a massage chair is a great way to reduce the pain anywhere in your body without any effort on your part. The best part about a portable massage chair is that you can relieve your pain while out and about or while traveling. You can bring it with you on holidays, bring it to your office or while watching the kids play sports. It’s instant pain relief anywhere! Although these chairs do need electricity so a car plug adapter is necessary if you want to use this chair outside of the home.


Therapeutic massages are certainly worth travelling for but if you can experience similar effects in the comfort of your own home and lounge room, all the better! Watch TV, listen to music or read a book while you do it, it’s up to you. Short but regular use of a portable massage chair produces the best results. By having your own massage chair in your home you’ll easily be able to find time for a 15-20 minute session multiple times a week and with a portable massage chair you can even have a massage session while you are away from your home.


Portable massage chairs are more lightweight and generally have less functionality than the big massage armchairs as they’re designed to be transported. Due to this you will generally find the price tag is lower than the large armchair style massage chairs. The 4 we review in this piece are priced between $200 and $300, so you’re likely to find one to suit your budget. 

Muscle Recovery

If you’re an active individual and often work out or play intensive sport, you’ll know all about the importance of muscle recovery and rejuvenation. Massage chairs, especially the ones with multiple functionalities and modes are fantastic for helping you recover better and faster. Regular massaging stimulates blood circulation, eases muscle tension and promotes faster recovery. If specific muscle recovery is of particular interest to you, make sure to check out our reviews of the top percussion massagers and massage guns too as a combination of these products can compliment regular use of the massage chair nicely.


Perfect for when you’re feeling a little stressed or in need of some rest and relaxation the portable massage chair is an ideal way for giving you a bit of relief after a long day of travelling, watching sport, working or if you just feeling like giving yourself a bit of a pamper. The massage chairs we reviewed also make great gifts for anyone who you think may deserve a bit of pampering, relaxation or is prone to back pain, perfect for Christmas, Birthdays or just as a thank you gift.


One of the greatest things about portable massage chairs is that they can be transported anywhere. They’re lightweight and no bigger than a standard chair plus the four we reviewed can all be folded for storage and easy transportation. 


We’ve researched some of the most popular portable massage chairs on the market and chosen 4 that we feel are the best. The right model of portable massage chair for you will depend on your personal preferences. Why and where you’re experiencing pain and your budget. Below we have outlined some considerations that you might need to think through before deciding which model is the best portable massage chair for you.


Why and where you’re feeling pain will be an important issue when thinking about which chair is going to suit your needs best. A chair that has neck, back, shoulder and seat massage options will be best if your pain tends to be in an inconsistent spot. Also it’s beneficial to have different modes of pressure i.e. hard, medium, soft to regulate the pressure of the massage. Heat, airbag technology and vibration are other functional options that you may need to consider when purchasing a portable massage chair. 


Massage Chairs do range in price and in general the more expensive the chair the more features, longevity and high quality materials they’re made of. The 4 portable massage chairs we have chosen range between $200 and $300 so it’s likely that there is a product that fits into your budget.


Most of the portable massage chairs that we’ve highlighted are made of PU leather with aluminum frame and legs. If you want real leather and or more sturdy legs you may need to pay more and it will be heavier. 


Some of the portable massage chairs have added features such as USB ports to charge your phone or for bluetooth speakers. A carry case would be a good feature for these portable massage chairs yet none featured them in a portable massage chair package. 


In general the lighter the better when it comes to portable massage chairs as in order for it to be portable it’s got to be easy to carry. The lighter the product the easier it will be to transport. We will highlight the weight of each of our products in order for you to decide how much weight you can carry.


If you want to use your portable massage chair out of the house it’s important to consider how you may use the product. Some come with a car adapter so you’ll be able to use the chair camping or watching a sporting game just be aware that these chairs do need an electrical outlet and source in order to work.


These chairs sometimes can have mechanical issues, technical issues or manufacturing problems so it’s wise to choose a chair that offers at least a 12 month warranty and a limited lifetime warranty is best. 

Product Summary Table

While we have reviewed each of the individual massage chairs below and included prices and pictures, we know there’s a ton of information and points to consider. In order to make it easier for you to make an informed decision we have included a handy quick reference guide below. We created this table as a quick reference point, breaking down and ultimately helping you choose the ideal portable massage chair that’s best for you.

ModelStyleImagePriceWeight (pounds)ReviewsOur Take
Belmint – Our Top ChoiceCorded Electric$269.9940 pounds⅘ starsWhen you’re heading for an overseas flight or road trip carry this chair with you to help alleviate discomfort after travelling. It’s sturdy and durable, and safe for everyone to use.
TruMedicThe runner upCorded Electric$299.9545.5 Pounds⅘ starsThe truMedic is a feature loaded massage chair with design elements such as 10 massage rollers, airbags in the seat and backrest, 3 different compression settings and 3 different vibration modes that work together to achieve the best tailored and customised massage for you.
BruntmorCorded Electric$299.9942 pounds⅘ starsThe Bruntmor portable chair is perfect for business trips, weekends away and for people with limited space. It features different intensity levels, heat therapy, adjustable neck and back massage area and seat vibration. 
USA BEST SELLERCorded Electric$282.4435 poundsN/AThe USA BEST SELLER is a massage chair that’s ergonomically built for relaxation with heat functionality. It’s a great tool to use after a long day at work yet folds for compact storage perfect for unit and apartment complex living.

Belmint Massage Folding Chair

  • UNWIND & RELAX: The Belmint folding massage chair is a new innovative neck and...
  • RELIEVE & REVIVE MUSCLE KNOTS: This folding chair back massager features 8...
  • VIBRATION RELIEF: Vibrating function to targets your lower back, thighs, and...

The Belmint (BEL-FCM) Folding Portable Massage Chair is our top choice for portable massage chairs as it is budget friendly yet feature rich. It’s easy to use with a handheld remote control plus it has heat functionality for added muscle relief.

The Belmint Massage Chair provides you with an innovative neck and back massage with a combination of compression and percussion massage through kneading rollers. It’s designed to help you relax and loosen up your muscle knots. The portable massage chair allows you to relive and revive muscle knots with 8 Shiatsu deep-kneading rollers that stimulate your neck and back muscles. This chair delivers you an acupressure massage allowing you to relax and soothe your tired muscles. It also features vibration relief that targets your lower back, thighs, and hamstrings to melt away the tension, swelling, pain, and discomfort from back pain. It also makes a great gift for anyone needing a well deserved massage.


  • Optional Heat Function: The massager features switchable heat. Turn on the heat function to improve the overall blood circulation of the body and treat muscle fatigue, or turn it off if you’d prefer your massage without the heat.
  • Foldable and Portable: This portable chair massager is foldable and portable so that you can carry it with you anywhere. The armrest has a USB charger for your smartphone and electronics
  • Vibration Relief: The vibration function targets your lower back, thighs, and hamstring to melt away the tension, swelling, pain, and discomfort from any back issues you may be feeling.  
  • Customisable: This portable massage chair features variable settings that can be set with a remote control for an easy to use massage chair. 


This massage chair comes in two pieces so that you can replace the massage pad if you happen to damage it without the expense of buying a whole new chair.
Good for people who suffer from medical conditions that they need a massage to treat; such as muscle spasms as the massage is firm and able to be personalised and customised for specific ailments.
One of the most cost effective portable massage chairs we reviewed


Has to be plugged in at all times (no battery pack) and not a very long electrical cord.
Is not height adjustable. 


Product Dimensions : 23.6 x 23.2 x 66.3 inches (inside armrest 18 inches)

Weight: 40 Pounds

Weight capacity: 250 pounds

Colour: Black

truMedic InstaShiatsu

  • The truMedic InstaShiatsu+ FC-1500 Folding Massage Chair is the highest-quality...
  • Customizable Massage: Users can further customize their massages by extending...
  • Compact & Portable: This lightweight and portable chair can be unfolded for a...

The truMedic FC-1500 massage chair comes in a close runner up in the best portable massage chair race. It loses points due to it being one of the heaviest portable massage chairs we reviewed but it’s still a fantastic option with some great features.

The truMedic is one of our favourite portable massage chairs purely because it’s so feature rich. It features 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage rollers that work together or separately to target specific pressure points along the back, while 2 rollers in the headrest do the same for the neck to help relieve stress and muscle tension. That’s 10 massage rollers hitting the neck and back. It also features airbags in the seat and backrest with 3 different compression settings along with the 3 different vibration modes that work together to enhance relaxation. It delivers a full body massage that rivals a professional massage from a massage therapist as it’s so customizable and has so many features. It makes a great addition to your home office or gym for those days that you need a little relaxation after a long day at work or hard gym session.


  • Customizable Massage – The easy-to-use handheld control panel can be used to customize every element of your massage.
  • Heat – Turn on the heat function and enjoy the benefits of a warming massage that soothes sore muscles and relieves stress for deep relief.
  • USB Charging Port – The built-in USB charging port enables users to charge any devices such as phones, Ipads, tablets or laptops while the chair is in use.


The most customizable portable massage chair we reviewed with loads of features and modes.
The airbag feature gives a unique sensation of massage to the waist and seat area.


This is the heaviest portable massage chair we reviewed, making it difficult to transport, lift and or carry.


Package Dimensions : 36.5 x 27.6 x 12 inches

Weight: 45.5 Pounds

Weight capacity: 260 pounds


  • Convenient And Easy To Use – This transportable chair is excellent for...
  • Rest, Relax And Wellness – It is positioned in the center level of massage...
  • Perfect For Space Saver And Travelers – We believed you might like to take...

The Bruntmor is the perfect addition to your luggage when you go away as it’s lightweight and portable. It features various heat levels and energy therapy to increase blood circulation. It has a movable neck massage level, back massage area, and three massaging levels with seat vibration. It’s convenient and easy to use! 


  • Completely Adjustable:- This portable massage chair is completely adjustable with an easy-to-use handheld remote control panel that can be used to customize every element of each massage. You can even adjust the neck massage to suit taller or shorter body heights.
  • Control Panel:- Controls the vibration on the seat with three intensity levels;  low, medium, or high. Then adjust the massager to different zones on your back: upper, middle, lower, or all three areas to massage the entire back region.
  • Heat nodes:- Heating nodes stimulate the neck and back muscles with kneading rollers and an added extra element of heat for that added soothing comfort level.


The massage chair reclines to three different adjustable reclining positions which makes it quite relaxing and it’s very customisable with three different vibration areas and three intencities.
The feel is quite firm but not painful, it is the most lifelike massage in a portable massage chair we have found.
Very positive reviews.


The most expensive portable massage chair we reviewed.
Does not include a carry case, which would be handy for transportation and aid in taking on vacation.


Package Dimensions : 33 x 28 x 12 inches; 

Weight: 42 Pounds

Weight capacity: 250 pounds


  • The stylish and elegant design makes it also become a great decoration in...
  • Comfortable neck massage mode to turn counterclockwise and clockwise
  • The heated therapy improves blood circulation.

This portable massage chair is designed for relaxation, ergonomics and comfort. It’s perfect for the home office as it folds down for easy storage under the bed or in a cupboard when not in use. This portable massage chair is designed to target specific areas of discomfort with the “target feature” allowing the user to target specific regions of the back and concentrate the massage on a specific area of discomfort or strain.


  • Comfortable vibrating seat:- The massage chair has comfortable vibrating seats with variable intensity level, selectable massage modes and zones.
  • Folds compact:- Can be folded to save space and is easy for transport and storage.
  • Ergonomically designed:- Ergonomically designed arm rest, seat and back helps enjoy your massage and reduce fatigue after a long day at work.
  • Targeting feature:- The target features allows you to choose an area you’d like to concentrate the massage on depending on where you’re feeling the strain or pain.


The material on this portable massage chair feels very delux with a mix of textured PU leather surface, aluminum frame and black velvet. It feels luxurious yet is still easy to clean, doesn’t stick to the skin when hot and is very comfortable. Water and oil are easy to clean off this massage chair if it accidentally gets spilled, but it’s not recommended to drink or use oils while using this chair.
The added features such as mobile phone charging USB port and remote control make this model the most user friendly.
The most lightweight of the portable massage chairs we reviewed making it the most portable and easiest to store massage chair to travel with.  


With a weight capacity of 210 pounds this portable massage chair has the lowest maximum weight recommendation.
The pocket for the hand controller or remote control is under the seat of the chair making it difficult to reach.


Material: Aluminum frame + PU leather + mesh elastic cloth + polyester velvet cloth

Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output: 12V 5A 60W

Overall size: 24″ x 27.5″ x (36″-42″) (L x W x H)

Folded size: 24″ x 40″ x 8″ (L x H x W)

Power cord + adaptor line length: 10 ft

Net. weight: 35 lbs

Weight capacity: 210 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

The Final Word

Now that you have read about our favourite portable massage chairs, it’s time to decide which one stands out from the competition. All of the massage chairs in our review were picked based on their overall price, functionality, high quality, and reviews. After we have reviewed all four of these portable massage chairs which was our favourite? Well, it was a tough choice but we’re going to go with the Belmint because it has all the basic functionality you need and want in a massage chair and quite a bit more with still a reasonable price tag. For the price, you can’t do any better. The truMedic is our close runnerup as it has some great features such as heat and airbag technology.  

So there you go, the best portable massage chair for a relaxing, comfortable and affordable massage. Don’t forget to read the reviews and check with your medical advisor if you have a preexisting condition so you can choose the best massage chair for your needs. Happy massaging!