Best Massage Gifts

The holiday season is a time of relaxation, spending time with family, and finding that perfect gift that says “thank you” for everything you’ve done this year. The gift-giving part can be difficult so today we’re going to be looking at some cool health, massage, and wellness products available at the moment so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones or even yourself! 

With the crazy year we’ve had there are undoubtedly a few people on your gift purchasing list who would love a wellness-related present to ensure their fitness goals are hit in 2021 or to help them relax after their gym sessions. Is your sister a yoga lover? Your husband a marathon enthusiast? Are you a dedicated gym-goer? or is your work colleague determined to get into a new workout regimen in the year ahead?. I’ve done a ton of research and found some great gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life to help reduce the confusion of gift giving this year for you and help you relax into the holiday season.   If you’re thinking about giving a gift to someone who you know suffers from back pain, we have written an article previously about The 8 Best Gifts for People with Back Pain this article highlights the gifts that will be perfect for them.

In this article I’ve picked out some cool products, designed to help optimize workouts, from tech-based tools to high-class fitness gear and post-workout recovery must-haves. I’ve looked at a variety of different products so there’s something for every fitness lover this holiday season. Give the gift of good health this year and show your loved ones you care about their wellbeing.

Things to consider

When purchasing a gift for someone there’s a few different things you need to consider to ensure your gift giving goes as smoothly as possible.

Who are they?

Thinking about someone’s personality type and what they like to do is crucial to picking them the ideal gift. Think about the types of exercise they like to do, their age, financial situation, location, and amount of free time as all these factors can influence the type of products they like to use. If you’re really unsure then a Spafinder Wellness Gift Card is anyways a great idea as the gift recipient can choose the treatment they want, when and where they want to use it.

Delivery date

Firstly ensure you’ve given yourself enough time to order your present and for it to ship and arrive in time. It’s always best to give yourself a week or two more than you think you’ll need as shipping can be delayed.


Make sure the person you’re buying a gift for is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the gift. The ingredients list will be posted on the links provided or a quick Google search will help you find the list of ingredients in the gift that you’re considering.


We understand that everyone has different budgets so we have supplied you with a range of products that range in price from $10 to $100. If you’re watching your pennies this year there’s no need for anyone to miss out. We’ve chosen a range of products at different price points so you will undoubtedly find the right product to purchase for yourself or others. 

Think about your gift receiver too, are they also struggling financially? Then make sure you don’t purchase a gift that needs lots of money to maintain ie uses lots of batteries or electricity.

Let’s take a look at the range of products available at present.

Name and linkImagePrice RangeOne-line ReviewBest for:
Frieda Joe – Wooden Massage and Reflexology Kit$32.99“This Massage Kit is filled with reflexology and massage tools to stimulate your senses and brighten your day in the comfort of your own home.”The woman in your life that needs a bit of extra pampering in the comfort of her own home.
CINCOM Rechargeable Hand Massager
$79.99“Soothing, relaxing and comforting this portable hand massager takes pain relief and relaxation for tension in your hands to another level”. The woman in your life that needs some pain relief in her hands from exercise, typing, playing music or from health concerns like arthritis.
Wompolle – Massage Therapy Massage Ball$21.98“This massage tool straddles your spine perfectly so you can roll it right down the center of your body and target the back muscles that are feeling any aches and tension.“A great gift for your husband to show him you care about his health and pain relief.
BYRIVER – Acupressure Foot Massager $26.99“Improve circulation and relaxation while relieving foot, heel pain and tension using the ancient art of reflexology”.Perfect for the man in your life that suffers from ailments such as arthritis, neuropathy,  plantar fasciitis and other foot concerns. 
Cohotek – Massage Ball Roller Set$26.96“A combination pack of massage tools that combines all the pain relief tools you need to relieve full body muscle aches and pains”Anyone in your life that wants a range of massage tools for various types of massage such as therapeutic, remedial, myofascial and aromatherapy.
DANGSHAN – 24k Golden Pulse Face Massager$21.99“A great massage tool for your face that can make your skin look brighter and more youthful“It’s perfect for women of any age who like skincare, beauty products and looking after their skin.
iHOO Handheld Massager for Dogs Cats $44.99“A home-use massage device that can work both in a  clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to imitate human fingers and provides your pet an unforgettable massage experience.”Perfect for your pet that is suffering with arthritis pain, deep joint and muscle related issues including hip dysplasia or your pet you just want to give a relax and pamper to.” 
HealthTouch Women’s Memory Foam Massaging Booties, Black, Small $39.99“These heated, massaging, memory foam booties are perfect for the winter season”.These heated, massaging booties are perfect for anyone who suffers with cold feet and includes vibration and massages for improved circulation.
Spafinder Wellness Gift Card $50 – $100“This gift voucher from spa finder allows your gift receiver access to spa services such as manis-pedis, massage, haircuts, blowdrys, and wellness retreat getaways, as well as many other services at locations near them.”Anyone who needs a pamper.

Product Review

Frieda Joe – Wooden Massage and Reflexology Kit

  • MASSAGE AND REFLEXOLOGY KIT - Enjoy the rejuvenating effects of a full-body...
  • FULL KIT INCLUDES- 260ml shower gel, 260ml bubble bath, massage comb,...

The Frieda Joe Reflexology Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life that you think deserves a little pamper. Featuring Cucumber and Melon massage lotions to leave the skin refreshingly soft and revitalised, your gift can create an at-home spa treatment with massage tools that your gift receiver will love including a deluxe bubble bath, massage tools, massage lotions, and scrubbing loofah.

What you get:

  • Deluxe Massage tools
  • Cooling shower gel
  • Lush bubble bath
  • Wooden massage comb
  • Reflexology wood stick
  • Scrubbing Loofah 
  • Scented Candle
  • Fragrant Potpourri

Perfect for:

Anyone who could use a little self care and pamper!
Wives, girlfriends, friends, aunts, sisters, teachers and grandma!

CINCOM Rechargeable Hand Massager

  • 【Kneading, air pressure, heat 3 in 1】 It targets different acupuncture...
  • 【Adjustable and can be used for both hands】massage and relax your whole hand...
  • 【3 massage modes and 3 strengths with optional heat】3 selectable massage...

The CINCOM Rechargeable Hand Massager makes an ideal gift for anyone who uses their hands regularly and experiences regular fatigue, stiffness, or pain in their hands. The hand massager provides effective pain relief to tired hands and stiff finger joints by using a mixture of airbags, acupressure, heat, and massage to target the aches and pains in fingers, hands, and wrists and relieve any stiffness and cramping. This massage tool makes a great gift to anyone in your life who is experiencing pain in their fingers and hands as it targets various acupuncture points and gently kneads away any stiffness, soreness, and pain.

What you get:

  • A hand massager that targets various acupuncture points and provides kneading massage with 4 massage heads. 
  • Top and bottom airbags that rhythmically press along the fingers, hands and wrists to care for all the sides of your hand. 
  • Comforting heat to warm your cold hands. 
  • 3 selectable massage modes and 3 strengths to adjust to your comfort level.
  • Provides soothing heat with deep-infrared energy to the hand 104 – 122℉ (40 – 50℃) to promote blood circulation, reduce finger and palm fatigue, soreness and warm your cold hands.
  • Includes a rechargeable lithium battery that can last 60-90 minutes after a full charge.
  • It is light and portable to carry with a storage bag.

Perfect for:

Anyone who uses their hands a lot and complains of stiffness and muscle pain in their hands.

Friends, wives, girlfriends, aunts, teachers, sisters, work colleagues and receptionists!

Wompolle – Massage Therapy Massage Ball

If your husband suffers from back pain or waist, legs, arms shoulders muscle soreness after exercise or after a long day in the office.  The Wompolle Massage ball is the coolest way to show your husband that you care about him and his recovery. The double massage ball is ideal in targeting your back, neck, arms, thighs, and calves muscles while the single massage ball will burrow into your sore and tight muscles with precision. Use before or after a workout, game, pilates, yoga, running, cross-training, or just sitting all day. The massage balls will improve blood flow which further promotes the muscle recovery and overall well-being of your man. The nice message on the ball will also have him smiling at the gym while he remembers your nice gesture for years to come.

What you get:

  • A single 2.5” Lacrosse Massage Ball for aiding in deep tissue massage to effectively hit acupressure trigger points, as a myofascial release tool for working knots out of your back, neck, shoulders, thighs, or calves and to promote muscle recovery after workouts or for rehabilitating injuries.
  • A 5.1” double Lacrosse Massage Ball to aid in releasing tight muscles using these two compact massage balls.
  • A lightweight carry bag to place both massage balls inside.
  • A personalised message placed on the balls “To my husband, always have, always will, I loved you then I love you still”.

Perfect for:

Husbands who feel pain in their muscles after a workout, need rehabilitation or just enjoy a massage at the end of the day. 

BYRIVER – Acupressure Foot Massager

  • ✔PAIN RELIEF: Keep using the foot acupuncture massage tool will help to...
  • ✔HEALTHCARE: Built with 39pcs massage buttons for foot acupoint stimulation,...
  • ✔IT HURTS: These are therapeutic massage slippers that you only wear for 10-20...

Designed to soothe foot, heel pain, and tension due to arthritis and other muscle soreness the Byriver – Foot massager hosts some great relaxation properties and makes a great gift for friends and family who love acupuncture to relieve any back pain or discomfort they feel. These slippers refresh tired and sore feet all the while promoting better blood flow to enhance overall health. They’re a great present for anyone who enjoys acupressure massages but doesn’t always have the time or finances for a massage therapist appointment.

What you get:

  • Adjustable slippers in various sizes with special soft nodes that hit the foot acupressure points for acupoint stimulation.
  • 5 spare replacement massage buttons. 

Perfect for:

Anyone who enjoys an acupressure massage or could benefit from using acupressure to relieve their muscle ailments. 

Cohotek – Massage Ball Roller Set

  • TOP CHOICE FOR EVERYONE: With 1Spiky Balls, 1 Peanut Ball,1 Lacrosse Ball, 1...
  • GIVES A FULL BODY MASSAGE: Relieve all pains with this set, each massage ball...
  • DURABLE & PREMIUM QUALITY: Environmental-friendly, nonpoisonous, odorless,...

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of massage with this amazing foam roller set from Cohtek. Including 6 different massage tools each product helps relieve muscle pain in its own unique way. The lacrosse  massage ball stimulates specific trigger points and greatly reduces Plantar Fasciitis pain. The spiky massage ball is perfect for stimulating muscles and enhancing blood flow and the peanut ball targets pain in the neck, limbs and along the spine. The muscle foam roller stick is perfect for at home massage therapy and is the ideal massage tool to roll away pain and tension in the muscles. These 6 unique massage tools are all great in their own unique way to relieve pain and are designed to use pressure to reduce tension in different areas of the body.

What you get:

  • Soft Spiky Massage Ball (3.5 Inches)
  • Hard Spiky Massage Ball (3 Inches)
  • Peanut Massage Ball (5 Inches)
  • Lacrosse Massage Ball (2.5 Inches)
  • Manual Massage Ball (2.5 Inches)
  • Muscle Foam Roller Stick (17 Inches)

Perfect for:

Anyone who has pain in different areas of the body or who wants to trial a few different styles of products before choosing the massage tool that’s right for them.

DANGSHAN – Pulse Face Massager

Facial Massagers might seem like something unusual but they have been used for centuries and are great for depuffing the skin, relaxing the face muscles, and even calming inflamed red spots on the skin. If you use these products in conjunction with your favourite moisturiser or serum it’ll provide an instant facelift, especially around the eye area. The DANGSHAN – Pulse Face Massager comes with four different attachments designed for different areas of the face and comes with a silk pouch for easy transportation and storage. It’s a great gift for anyone in your life that likes skin care and beauty products.

What you get:

  • Circle rose quartz eye massager
  • Drip-shape head face roller massager
  • Carrying pouch 
  • User manual 
  • 2 x “T” shape head face lift massager
  • 24K gold beauty bar face massager that vibrates 6000-7000 per/mins.

Perfect for:

Anyone who is beauty obsessed and enjoys the latest and greatest beauty trends and products.

iHOO Handheld Massager for Dogs and Cats 

  • Soft brush,made of soft ABS. Use a skin massage machine as a skin brush to avoid...
  • Four massagers with 76 small contacts can work both in Clockwise &...
  • Reduces general anxiety and stress by providing multiple levels of massage while...

Don’t forget your four legged friends this holiday season and purchase the iHOO Handheld Massager for Dogs and Cats just like humans the feel-good benefits of a massage can have a meaningful impact on their overall mental and physical health. This massager can help your pet by reducing stress, anxiety, and aches and pains by increasing flexibility and range of motion, aiding in digestion and circulation. This particular massager boasts four large massagers with 76 small contact points that can work both in clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations to imitate human fingers and provide your pet an unforgettable massage experience with their own private massage therapist. It’s the perfect present for your four legged friend!

What you get:

  • A handheld, cordless massager with 76 contact points to soothe and relax your pet.
  • Built In lithium battery and USB recharger.
  • Single on/off button operation.

Perfect for:

Your dog or cat or anyone who you know who loves their pets! 

HealthTouch Women’s Memory Foam Massaging Booties

These HealthTouch Memory Foam booties are a must have this winter. They are made of the fluffiest, comfortable, memory foam material with foot massage, heat, and vibration to soothe any cold, tired and aching feet. They’re ideal for anyone who is finding their feet are sore at the end of the day and need some warmth, comfort, and soothing relaxation. 

What you get:

  • A pair of booties that feature memory foam that contours to the foot and creates a soft padding, perfect for relaxing in the home, office and while travelling.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colours.
  • Vibrates, massages, heats and contours to the foot for added bliss.

Perfect for:

Anyone with circulation issues in their feet or just feet that are tired, cold or could use some extra comfort. Place them under your desk in the office or pop them on your feet while watching Netflix on the couch. These booties are like warm puffs of heaven on tired aching feet.

Grandma, friends, wives, girlfriends, aunts, teachers, sisters, work colleagues and receptionists!

Spafinder Wellness Gift Card

If after looking through all these gift ideas you’re still stuck the Spafinder Wellness Gift Card might be the perfect gift idea for you. This gift card allows you or your gift recipient to use their gift voucher for any treatment they desire such as facials, back massage, beauty treatments, massage, haircuts, or even a yoga class at a wellness retreat.  The gift cards can be used at hundreds of venues all over the USA and on various products and services. For more information go to

What you get:

  • A gift card of either $50 or $100 value.
  • The voucher can be used at various venues with different products and services such as massages, facials, beauty treatments, or even a couples massage so you can go together!
  • A massage therapist that is dedicated to giving your gift receiver a unique experience that’s tailored to their particular needs.
  • Gift box cards can be purchased separately to display your gift professionally and make your present look nice.

Perfect for:

Anyone who deserves a pamper.

Happy Holidays

So there is a comprehensive list of gifts for everyone in the family from your neighbor, your sister, your work colleagues, and even your cat. We’re sure you’ll find something for everyone. If you’re still stuck the Spafinder Wellness Gift Card makes a great choice as your gift recipient can choose what they like. 

Give the gift of health and wellness this year and choose one of our products that we have highlighted in our article. From back massagers to body lotions we have outlined some of the best gifts available at the moment to give the gift of pain relief, relaxation, and reduced tension in the holiday season. 

From all of us at 10 x Living we wish you a relaxing, happy and safe holiday season. We hope you use this time to recover and enjoy your time with loved ones and come back in 2021 ready to kick those fitness goals with us. Happy Holidays