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Mark Meyerson

Best Massage Gifts

The holiday season is a time of relaxation, spending time with family, and finding that perfect gift that says “thank you” for everything you’ve done this year. The gift-giving part can be difficult so today we’re going to be looking…
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The Best Stretching Products

Lately, I’ve been feeling some muscle discomfort especially in my hamstrings, calves and feet. This discomfort comes either from cramps or muscle stiffness and can be very painful at times especially the day after a gym session or long walk.…
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Best Portable Massage Chair

As I’ve gotten older I’ve certainly noticed that my back is aching more regularly. I feel tension and stress in my back muscles and I routinely feel stiffness in my lower lumbar. After seeing a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist and…
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Best Massage Chair Pad

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some back pain and it has been very uncomfortable, painful but most importantly and luckily it has only been temporary. All too often we take our back for granted but bad posture, sitting for long periods…
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Best Hand Massagers

If you think about it, our hands are involved in virtually all of our day-to-day activities, from typing away on our keyboards for long durations of time to participating in sports that involve the use of hands. Having that in…
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The 8 Best Adductor Stretch Techniques

Have you ever pulled or strained your groin? Or maybe you’ve simply felt burning along your inner thighs? These are all indications that you may have injured adductors. Most people neglect this lesser known group of muscles. Yet by doing…
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