About Us

“We’re passionate about products that improve your life so you can live pain free and comfortably, improving your life by 10x! Our aim is to give you a 10x return on your life!”

10xliving was created with the goal of helping you improve your life by a factor of 10.  

There are many websites already dedicated to 10x your finance and 10x your relationships and now we want to show you how you can 10x your health and wellbeing.  

We created the site when we realised that the number of health and wellness products out there are increasing exponentially and the information was becoming saturated. We wanted to simplify the researching process for you; so that you can live 10x better.  

“We can give you a 10x return on your life!’

We have been friends and business partners for over 5 years and share a love of all things technology and fitness related. 

We developed the 10xliving company with the main aim to demystify the fitness industry. We’ve done this by creating in-depth product reviews that highlight and deep-dive into the pros and cons of each product. 

So, you have a great resource at your fingertips when looking into products to give you a 10x return on your life! 

Meet the 10x Living Team


As our resident health enthusiast, Henry naturally loves technology and is especially interested in the way technology is advancing in the health industry and health products in all forms. Henry had a back injury in his teenage years and is always looking for ways to alleviate his pain without surgery. He has a passion for massage and natural pain relief options. 


Michelle is an avid fitness fanatic and loves her high intensity cardio, this often leaves her muscles feeling fatigued and sore after a day at the gym. She loves finding solutions and discovering ways to help her muscles recover and aid in her fitness journey.  


Passionate about technology and advancements in the health industry, Aaron is naturally inquisitive and eager to try and test out the latest products. He has an innate desire to help people and assist them in finding the right solution to suit their needs.  Aaron is a regular gym goer so understand the aches and pains that come from running, weight lifting and generally putting your muscles through their paces. He’s always looking for alternative solutions to expensive medical massages and loves to write about his findings. 


Growing up in Australia, from a young age Mark has been a sport fanatic with a particular love for football, what we call soccer in Australia. This love of sport has led him to a deep interest in health technology and usage in sports medicine.  Mark has pulled almost every muscle you can and therefore has a deep interest in health and fitness devices.  Any questions about any devices, he is sure to know which one is best!

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